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Grow an audience that cares about YOUR ideas!

(Currently updating this whole course. If you have purchased this already, you will get access to the new version completely for free. Adding in the LinkedIn portion as well for free.) IT TOOK ME 90 DAYS TO HIT 30,000 FOLLOWERS! But how did I do it? I am currently at 160k on Twitter & 55k on Linkedin!

The ultimate goal with this course is to be packed with information to give you a game plan on how you can really grow and AUDIENCE. Audience is the keyword. Anyone can go out and just buy followers but they don't connect with You or your ideas. An Audience of engaged human beings that actually care about what YOU bring to the conversation is the goal. These techniques are the exact same techniques I have used with COUNTLESS accounts to help them grow.

What are people saying?

Vlad Pasca @VladPasca5 (Over 50k following now!)

I was at around 2000 followers when I got Danny's course. I watched it and took action. One month later I doubled my followers and the engagement rate on most of my tweets. The real-world examples he gives in this course make everything click. I think that no matter where you are in your Twitter journey you can benefit from taking Danny's course.


Francesco @FrancescoCiull4 (Over 112k following now!)

This course is recommended for those who want to take social media seriously. If you really want to make an impact on Twitter, there are some tips, dictated by practical experience, that you will find very useful, along with some things NOT to do. Danny is a guarantee, every time he sends his message in his typical way, so if you love Danny on Twitter, you will love him in this course. Recommended for accounts of any level


Nehemiah Kiv @nehemiahkiv(Over 17k following now!)

"It’s important to note, I am a cautious buyer, especially when I think I can get something for free. I rarely will buy courses, and I almost always opt to read articles or YouTube tutorials to consume content and get information.

I’m not a total newbie when it comes to Twitter, but frankly I haven’t been seeing the growth that I would like to be seeing on my account.

After getting only 10 minutes into this course I was able to identify a few key mistakes I was making on my personal account and start brainstorming ways to improve.

One thing I really appreciate about this course and the fact that it’s Danny who is the one giving it over is that he really did the research to make his account succeed, and then passes this information on to you.

This video course is short, sweet, and to the point. I was able to watch it all in one go, which is great if you have a busy schedule like I do.

Thank you Danny for creating this great course! Money and time well spent!"


Dan Spratling @dan_spratling(Over 17k following now!)

"Danny isn't just teaching you how to grow your twitter account, but teaching you how to create a following of loyal friends. Danny delivers his content by making a connection with you. He's a caring mentor guiding you and his enthusiasm is contagious. If you're looking for a get followers quick scheme, this isn't it. This course teaches you how to grow an audience of people who care about what you have to say and how to utilise that to your advantage."


Jack Domleo @jackdomleo7(21k following now!)

Danny's course not only helped me identify where I was going wrong but offered effective advice for me to improve. I have already noticed an increase in followers, likes, retweets, comments and opportunities come my way and I am so grateful for Danny sharing what he knows! I am so appreciative for the engagement I now receive!


Tadas Petra @tadaspetra(Over 18k following now!)

Danny’s course goes a lot further than most. He doesn’t just give baseless tips. He includes examples, and even shows proof of how this works through his own analytics and examples.

But the course goes beyond just getting that one number up. He goes over how to deal with the growth, and how to stay true to yourself.

Will definitely be rewatching this course several times!


Erik Hanchett @erikCH

"I bought Danny Thompsons course because I needed help. I've always been a fan of Twitter but building an audience on it never came easy to me. After taking the course it just clicked. Now I'm using some of the things I've learned and I'm already seeing results."


Rocco Sangellino @RoccoSangellino

"I’ve been searching for ways to grow my following on Twitter, and found Danny’s course extremely helpful. Not only did it give me actionable steps, but it also showed me mistakes I’d been making. He provided an easy to follow plan, that helped me to improve immensely. He gave real world examples and took it step by step, so that I really grasped the concepts and could implement them. He presented the materials in the video in a relatable way that made me feel comfortable and confident in the learning process. It was easy to start immediately and I highly encourage any and all to try it as well."


Joe Attardi @JoeAttardi

I recently took Danny's course and it was eye-opening. It showed me several things I was doing wrong, and gave clear direction on how to improve! I also learned a lot about Twitter analytics which has been helpful to keep track of engagement. Great tips, definitely worth the value! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to expand their online presence.


Rey van den Berg @Reythedev

For those looking for a Get-Followers-Fast scheme, look elsewhere. What Danny proposes with his excellent, easy-to-digest course is something far grander. Imagine the Twittersphere full of people being genuine to each other with everyone mutually benefiting. Now imagine people flocking to your account because of the value you bring them. Danny sheds light on how to bring your imagination to life with an evidence-based look into what works and what doesn't. Buy this course if you want a real, lasting, positive change to your Twitter presence and your outlook on the entire platform (with techniques on how to attract many followers as an added bonus!)


Mohit Sehgal @MohitSehgl

This was an awesome guide on how to build a community around you and your brand. I think it doesn't only helps on Twitter. It will work on all platforms. Danny helped me not only by providing value in this course but also helped me beyoned that in 1-1 DM. It is quite amazing how he helps so many people. Can't recommend this course enough. It is 11/10!


Stackrole @stackrole:

"Concise guide on:
- How Twitter Works
- Providing Value
- Creating engaging content
- Building relationships with engagement
- Being Consistent, Consistent, Consistent.
This is really reassuring"


Eric Gong @egong4real

"I instantly bought the course at the first opportunity. Because Danny is an incredible story of someone who was able to grow an audience quickly from nothing. The very thing I aspire to do.
After watching it, I was able to clearly understand the mistakes I was making. Danny outlines specific steps to hone in on your brand.
The specific areas I found valuable in this course are the following:
-Breaking down the analytics on his account
-Honing in on how to authentically engage with your audience
-Case studies of strong and weak profiles
-Extending your reach and building credibility
-A genuinely positive attitude and constant encouragement
If you do go with the course, I hope you will find it as valuable as I did."


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If you're not 100% satisfied with the purchase, just reply within 14 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Also you can reach me on my social media @DThompsonDev and if I know you bought a course, I will prioritize your questions to try and help you come up with a rock solid plan to achieve your growth on social media!

My focus with this video wasn't to waste time or add fluff.

I wanted you to be able to watch this video quickly and walk away with ideas to grow.

How long does a tweet get views?

How can I approach this to monetize my profile?

How do people make money on twitter?

How do I keep making posts?


This is what I DID. Your results may vary. Depends on your niche and style but after finishing this video you should have a very clear idea of how to fix your brand and stay relevant to your followers.

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